Release your potential through the power of the image...

Every day of our lives we experience a steady stream of sights, sounds, feelings and emotions. The mind receives and processes these events, and stores them away in the form of vivid images - eidetics - that contain deep personal meaning. When an eidetic image is projected from this personal storage, it spontaneously shows the whole experience, parts that were stored in in the first levels of memory as well as parts that were experienced but retained only in deep storage in the mind.  These hidden images contain potentials for health and growth sacrificed in the urgency of a moment when all resources were needed for survival. Restoring the whole picture makes all potentials available again and allows hidden potentials to come forward.

The Eidetic Institute is dedicated building a Community of Healthy Consciousness. Through deep connection with others, we can recover from injuries, illnesses, addictions, and traumatic events and restore potentials for health and growth.

Watch video interview with Akhter Ahsen, PhD. Dr. Ahsen  describes how the mind has consequences in the body and cannot be separated into thinking or behavior.